Some Helpful Appointment Tips

Getting ready to schedule your appointment? Great! Here are some helpful tips!

If you’re scheduling an annual inspection or sweeping, keep in mind that the best time for maintenance is in the spring & summer. During the colder months, we are often booked out far in advance and working to be there for our customers during emergencies. Scheduling routine maintenance in the “off-season” allows us to offer prompter, more flexible service.

As your appointment nears, here are some things to help you prepare:

If we are servicing your fireplace, please discontinue use at least 24 hours before our arrival and remove the ash from the ashbox. We also ask that you move any precious items or breakables from the 5-6 foot area surrounding the appliance being serviced. This will help guarantee that our technicians can get right to work safely and quickly.

During your appointment, feel free to watch us work – our technicians are more than happy to educate you on the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

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