Now that fireplace season is upon us, it is time to review how to safely use your fireplace. Knowing how to be safe around the fireplace is essential for being able to enjoy sitting by the fire without worrying about fire hazards. Fire can be extremely dangerous, and not being careful can lead to a residential fire or a carbon monoxide leak. Olde Towne Chimney & Fireplace Sales takes fire safety very seriously, which is why we would like to share with you some important fireplace safety tips from HGTV.

Safe Fireplace Use - Louisville KY - Olde Towne Chimney

Do not use your fireplace as a furnace.

Your fireplace is meant to provide supplemental heat to your home and should not constantly have a fire going. Use your fireplace for fires that are no longer than five hours at a time.

Keep an eye on the fire at all times.

You never want to leave a fire unattended, especially if you have children or pets in your home. Even when you are in the room, never allow children and pets to play around the fireplace.

To keep the room from becoming smokey, open a window.

Slightly opening a window will also help the combustion process by supplying fresh air to push the byproducts of combustion up and out of the chimney.

Use your fireplace tools.

To keep from getting burned, never use your hands to handle burning logs. Always use your fireplace tools when tending and adding logs to the fire.

Remove ashes safely.

Coals from your fireplace can remain hot enough to start a fire, even after three days of being extinguished. Wear protective gloves and scoop out the ashes into a metal container with a lid. Place this container outside on a non-combustible surface such as brick or concrete. You will want to clean out the ashes from your firebox once a week if you are using your fireplace regularly.

Have your chimney and fireplace professionally cleaned and inspected once a year.

Whether you choose to have this professional maintenance service done before or after burning season, you should never neglect this task. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps will ensure your chimney is cleaned by removing all of the flammable creosote deposits and will guarantee your chimney has no damage that could cause your fireplace to be unsafe to use.

Want to know more fireplace safety tips? Contact us at Olde Towne Chimney & Fireplace Sales to learn how to use your fireplace safely.